Tech-Rod 330 Electrodes

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E33024S 2.4MM 3.63kg $202.40 $734.71 0
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E33032S 3.2MM 4.54kg $198.00 $898.92 0
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E33040S 4.0MM 4.54kg $198.00 $898.92 3
E33050S 5.0MM 4.54kg $176.00 $799.04 1

Tech-Rod 330 electrodes are used to weld wrought and cast forms of stainless steels of similar chemical compositions, which offer good heat and scale resistance to 1800°F (980°C). However, high sulfur environments adversely affect the high temperature performance. The heat input has to be kept to a minimum during welding to avoid the possibility of micro-fissuring.

Specifications & Approvals: AWS A5.4 / E330-16 / UNS W88331

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