Tech-Rod 190 Electrodes

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Qty (PK) Part No Option Pack Price (KG) Price (PK) Stock (PK)
E19024S 2.4MM 3.63kg $182.60 $662.84 1
E19032S 3.2MM 4.54kg $178.20 $809.03 2
E19040S 4.0MM 4.54kg $173.80 $789.05 1

Tech-Rod 190 is used for welding nickel-copper alloys to themselves and to steel. They also can be used for overlay welding as well as for welding of clad steels where nickel-copper surfacing is required. Dissimilar welding applications including joining nickel 200 to copper-nickel alloys.

Specifications & Approvals: AWS A5.11:2010 / ENiCu-7 / UNS W84190

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