HAW Silicon Bronze MIG

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MCUSIA08H 0.8MM 5kg $82.28 $411.40 4
MCUSIA09H 0.9MM 5kg $82.28 $411.40 4
MCUSIA09S 0.9MM 13.62kg $65.56 $892.93 0
Out of Stock
MCUSIA12S 1.2MM 13.62kg $65.56 $892.93 0
Out of Stock
MCUSIA16S 1.6MM 13.62kg $65.56 $892.93 0
Out of Stock

Silicon Bronze is used to weld similar composition base metals, brass, and to weld these copper alloys to steel. Silicon bronze is also frequently used in GMAW “braze welding” of coated sheet steels.

Classification: AWS A5.7 / ERCuSi-A

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