Proweld Nickel 55 Cast Iron Electrodes (1KG)

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ENI5525M 2.5MM 1kg $187.00 $187.00 21
ENI5532M 3.2MM 1kg $187.00 $187.00 3
ENI5540M 4.0MM 1kg $187.00 $187.00 6

Proweld Ni 55 (Nickel Iron) is a graphite type electrode designed for high strength welding of cast irons. The electrode produces on both AC and DC power sources an exceptionally smooth arc and low spatter levels. The weld deposit is machineable and produces an excellent colour match. Proweld Ni 55 may also be used for the repair, build up and reclamation of all standard grades of grey cast irons.

Classifications: AWS A5 -82 / ENiFe - C1 Ni55.pdf

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