Proweld Hard Facing Electrodes (1kg Packs)

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EHF35032M 3.2MM 1kg
EHF70032M 3.2MM 1kg

Proweld HF350 is a lime rutile electrode characterised both by the ease of its deposition and by the rapid build-up of its weld metal. It is designed such that its deposits produce the maximum hardness compatible with ease of machinability (approximately 33/36 Rockwell C.) It is suitable as a buffer layer for subsequent harder overlays and also for the building up of multi-layer deposits on badly worn parts. This electrode is positional with easy slag removal.

Typical applications include: punches, shears, forging die blocks, tractor idler wheels, links, steel mill rolls and guides.

Proweld HF700 is a rutile coated hardfacing electrode which deposits an air hardening martensitic Cr-Mo V steel alloy, exhibit good resistance to all types of abrasion under low to moderate impact conditions, gives smooth running, stable arc, low spatter and excellent slag removal with either AC or DC current.

Typical applications include a wide range of general hard surfacing, such as augers, cultivator blades, agricultural point and ploughshares, ripper teeth and other components subject to fatigue or flexing during service. HF700.pdf

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