Proweld 308L Electrodes (0.45kg Packs)

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PE308L16M 1.6MM $37.40 12
PE308L24M 2.4MM $33.00 29
PE308L32M 3.2MM $33.00 32
PE308L40M 4.0MM $33.00 12

Blue Demon - E308/E308L-16 is an extra low carbon electrode for the welding of type 304L, 321, and 347 stainless steels. The controlled ferrite in the weld deposit gives excellent notch toughness at cryogenic temperatures. This electrode deposits a maximum of .04% carbon in the weld metal to minimize the formation of chromium carbides and consequent susceptibility to intergranular corrosion.

Specification & Classifications: AWS A5.4 / E308L/E308L-16

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