Proweld 308LSi TIG (0.45kg Tubes)

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T308LSI09M 0.9MM $38.72 17
T308LSI12M 1.2MM $38.72 19
T308LSI16M 1.6MM $33.88 10
T308LSI24M 2.4MM $33.88 11

Blue Demon - 308LSi TIG is primarily intended for welding the low carbon 18% Cr / 10% Ni, type 304L, austenitic stainless steels. It is also suitable for stainless steel grade 304 material and the Nb or Ti stabilised grades 347 and 321, provided service temperatures for structural work are below 400°C. The higher silicon content provides a more fluid weld pool which may be preferred for certain welding applications.

Classifications: AWS A5.9/A5.9M:2006 / ER308LSi

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