Proweld 2209T1-1 Flux Cored Wire

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Duplex 2209 is a rutile flux cored wire which deposits a low carbon 23% Cr / 9% Ni / 3% Mo / N duplex stainless steel weld metal with a nominal ferrite level of FN 40. The wire is specially designed for positional welding and is not recommended for flat or horizontal-vertical applications. It is intended for welding similar duplex stainless steels which offer an excellent combination of high strength and very good resistance to chloride induced pitting and stress corrosion cracking. The wire operates with a very stable, spatter-free arc and produces a bright, smooth weld bead surface and self-releasing slag. Duplex 2209 is ideal for high productivity welding in the vertical position.

Classifications: AWS A5.22 E2209T1-4/-1