Elga P 110MR Low Hydrogen Electrodes

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E110MR25S 2.5MM 2kg $28.16 $56.32 3
E110MR32S 3.2MM 2kg $28.16 $56.32 5
E110MR40S 4.0MM 2kg $28.16 $56.32 13

P 110MR is a basic-coated low hydrogen electrode specially designed for welding high-strength low-alloy quenched and tempered steels with a yield strength of 700 MPa. The weld metal combines very high strength properties with good fracture toughness at temperatures down to -60°C.
P 110MR is an all-positional electrode with strong welder-appeal and produces mechanical properties highly suitable for applications such as mobile jack-up rigs and submarine construction.

Classifications: AWS A5.5 / E11018-G / EN 757 / ~E 69 6 Mn2NiCrMo B 32 H5

http://proweldwelding.com.au/resources/images/P 110MR.pdf

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