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E316LV25S 2.5MM 3kg $75.90 $227.70 16
E316LV32S 3.2MM 3.5kg $74.80 $261.80 6

Cromarod 316LV is a rutile flux coated electrode designed specially for welding thin section acid resisting 316L austenitic stainless steels in the vertical down position. The special composition and very thin coating gives the electrode exceptionally good operating characteristics when vertical down welding of single pass butt, fillet and lap joints. Weld beads are neat and smooth with a slightly concave profile to fillets. The vertical down technique is characterised by high welding speeds and low heat input, giving enhanced productivity combined with minimum distortion. Cromarod 316LV is ideal for joining stainless steel cladding and linings.

Classifications: AWS A5.4 / E316L-17 / EN 1600 / E 19 12 3 L R 15 / ISO 3581-A / E 19 12 3 L R 15

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