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Cromarod 316LP is a fully-positional rutile flux coated electrode designed specially for welding thin walled (down to 1.5 mm) pipelines found in the chemical process and papermaking industries, where it offers considerably higher productivity than manual TIG. With its exceptionally good arc stability, weld pool control and restriking characteristics it is highly suitable for the most demanding vertical and overhead welding applications in fixed pipework and is ideal for cramped and difficult site conditions. Cromarod 316LP is also recommended for root runs and multipass welds in general fabrication of molybdenum alloyed stainless steels in all material thicknesses.

Classifications: AWS A5.4 / E316L-17 / EN 1600 / E 19 12 3 L R 11 / ISO 3581-A / E 19 12 3 L R 11

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