Elga Cromarod 312 Electrodes

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Part No Option Pack
E31225S 2.5MM 2.5kg
E31232S 3.2MM 3kg
E31240S 4.0MM 3kg

Cromarod 312 is a rutile flux coated electrode which deposits a 29%Cr / 9%Ni austenitic/ferritic stainless steel weld metal with a ferrite content of approximately FN 50. The weld metal exhibits excellent tolerance to dilution from dissimilar and difficult-to-weld materials without hot cracking.

– Difficult-to-weld steels e.g. high carbon hardenable tool, die and spring steels, 13% Mn steels, free-cutting steels, high temperature steels (non-structural).
– Dissimilar joints between stainless and high carbon steels.
– Surfacing of metal-to-metal wear areas, hot working tools, furnace components.

Classifications: AWS A5.4  ~E312-17   -   EN 1600    E 29 9 R 32   -   ISO 3581-A     E 29 9 R 32

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