Elga Cromacore 625 P MIG

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Elga Cromacore 625 P is a fully positional rutile flux cored wire primarily intended for welding Inconel 625 and similar composition nickel base alloys which are used for their excellent corrosion and oxidation resistance combined with an exceptionally high resistance to pitting corrosion and chloride induced stress corrosion cracking. Very suitable for a wide range of dissimilar joint combinations between nickel base alloys, mild and low alloy steels and stainless steels, especially where high temperature service conditions prevail. Can be used to clad carbon steels with a high strength, highly corrosion resistant surface. Suitable for welding 9% nickel steels for cryogenic applications. 

Classifications: AWS A5.34 ENiCrMo3T1-4 / EN ISO 12153 T Ni 6625 P M 2

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