Elga Cromacore 2507 MIG

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Elga Cromacore 2507 is a rutile flux cored wire which deposits a 25%Cr/10%Ni/4%Mo/0.25%N super duplex type weld metal with a ferrite level of approximately FN 50. It is designed for welding similar composition steels e.g. SAF 2507, Uranus 52N, Zeron 100, which offer even higher strength and corrosion resistance levels than the ordinary duplex grades. Cromacore 2507 may also be used for welding standard duplex steels when higher corrosion resistance in the weld metal is required. A heat input range of 0.5-2.5 KJ/mm is recommended to maintain a favourable phase balance in the weld metal and avoid deleterious precipitation effects in the plate. The weld metal has excellent fracture toughness at temperatures down to –40°C.

Classification: AWS A5.22 E2594T1-4/-1

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