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Part No Option
PRO100020 2.0MM
PRO100024 2.4MM
PRO100032 3.2MM
PRO300024 2.4MM
PRO300032 3.2MM
PRO400024 2.4MM
PRO400032 3.2MM
PRO500024 2.4MM
PRO500032 3.2MM
PRO600024 2.4MM
PRO600032 3.2MM
PRO700024 2.4MM
PRO700032 3.2MM

PRO1000 is a universal welding electrode that can be used for all general mild steel welding applications. It can be used in all positions on AC or DC straight polarity welding current. Its self-lifting slag property and ease of handling make this an excellent electrode. This electrode may be bent without flux breakage.

Rods per pack: [2.0mm = 25 rods, 2.4mm = 11 rods, 3.2mm = 7 rods]

PRO3000 is the perfect choice when joining dissimilar metals. This alloy can be used for the repair and joining of all ferrous steels including high-alloy, stainless and tool steels. It can be used in all positions to produce smooth, porosity free welds without undercut or splatter. Special ferrite balanced chemistry also serves as a ‘STUD PULLING’ electrode.  

Rods per pack: [2.4mm = 4 rods, 3.2mm = 2 rods]

PRO4000 is a high nickel content electrode with an extruded coating for welding cast irons to themselves, as well as joining them to mild and stainless steels. This electrode is especially suited for welding in deep recesses or close quarters due to the non-conductive flux coating. Welds are produced easily in all positions and deposits are readily machined.  

Rods per pack: [2.4mm = 4 rods, 3.2mm = 2 rods]

PRO5000 rod can be used to weld a variety of ductile, nodular and malleable cast irons to themselves or for joining cast irons to steel. It produces a dense, moderately hard, crackresistant weld that requires carbide-tipped tools for machining. This electrode is recommended when the post weld deposit does not need machining. Containing approximately 60% nickel, this rod is ideally suited for the repair of meehanite dies. Note, the flux coating on this rod does NOT contain barium reducing hazardous fumes. 

Rods per pack: [2.4mm = 4 rods, 3.2mm = 2 rods]

PRO6000 is a universal aluminum electrode for arc welding aluminum alloys. The arc is stable and operates at low temperatures with a minimum of spatter and fuming. The welds are strong, dense and free of porosity on both production and maintenance applications. 6000 is a great choice when welding heattreated aluminum parts. This rod may also be used in brazing applications. 

Rods per pack: [2.4mm = 7 rods, 3.2mm = 5 rods]

PRO7000 is a general purpose hard-facing electrode that can be used for impact and abrasion overlay applications. It is easy to apply and can be used in single or multi-pass operations. 7000 is a chromium-carbide type electrode for economical smooth overlays. Typical hardness as welded: 58-60 Rc. 

Rods per pack: [2.4mm = 7 rods, 3.2mm = 5 rods]

Also available: Proweld M&R display units (PRO-MR), purpose built to hang and display Proweld M&R rods. Please contact us regarding package deals that include a display unit and 2 packs of each 'PRO' rod variety. (formally Blue Demon now branded Proweld).

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