Blue Demon Cast Iron Tig wire (0.45kg Packs) (Ni55 & Ni99)

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Part No Option
T5524M 2.4MM
T9924M 2.4MM

Blue Demon - Nickel 55 (ENiFe-Cl) welding wire is designed for welding gray iron castings to themselves as well as joining them to mild steel. It can also be used to repair castings. The welds are moderately hard and require carbide tipped tools for post weld machining. A preheat and interpass temperature of not less than 350ºF is recommended during welding.

Blue Demon - Nickel 99 (ERNi-Cl) is used for TIG and MIG welding of cast iron. This wire is extensively used to repair gray iron castings. It can also be used for overlay and build-up applications. Dilution from the casting influences the mechanical properties of the metal. Due to the high nickel content, the welds are readily machinable. A preheat and interpass temperature of 350ºF min is recommended during welding.

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